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Automatic Driving School Prices, Special Offers and Services

Learner lessons are available in 1.5 or 2 hour duration. It is recommended 1.5 hour lessons where possible, as this gives you greater time to deal with and practice each new topic.

Help for your Theory Test will be provided throughout your practical lessons. When you think you are ready to take the Theory Test, you can book it on the official DSA Theory Booking Website.

Pass Plus is a course of more advanced lessons (minimum 6 hours), for once you have passed your practical test. To find out more go to Pass Plus.


Lesson Hours Price
1 Hour £35
1 1/2 Hours £50
2 Hours £66
10 Hours (paid in advance) £340
10 x 1/2 Hours (paid in advance) £480
Pass Plus £250
Motorway Lesson (2 Hours) £80
Refresher Course (2 Hours) £80